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~69¢ Wingz Every Tueday~

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Mr. and Mrs.jfif

Meet the Tuckers

Family owned and operated, Chinar Tucker with help from her husband Faraji funded StrikeOut Wingz in 2018. The streak of success comes more than 30 years after Mrs.Tucker first became an American citizen, immigrating to the States after being born in Iraq during Saddam Hussein’s presidency and escaping the Halabja chemical attack on Kurdish people in 1988. She would go on to build up years of restaurant industry experience, now standing proud as her own boss and the pilot of a growing franchise.  

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In the beginning

It all started with a food truck and a dream in 2018. By January 2020, StrikeOut open their first location on Nolensville Rd only for the COVID-19 pandemic to hit in March of that same year. Determined not to let the pandemic slow them down, the Tuckers opened their second location at Ewing Dr just 8 months later. With hard work and dedication, the Tuckers relocated to Atlanta GA and opened their 3rd official location on Peachtree St in downtown Atlanta in September of 2023!

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Our Signature Sauces

Home of the Sweet & Sassy, StrikeOut Wingz was put on the map with our homemade signature wing sauces. Now available to take home in 16oz bottles, you can "Put sum flava on your table" anytime! 

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